Frequently Asked Questions: Winter Maintenance

When it Comes to Winterizing your Nissan, We Are here to Answer your Questions at Coastal Nissan!

The winter months in New England can often present challenges when it comes to driving your new or used Nissan. If you recently purchased yours from Coastal Nissan, you might be unsure of where to begin when it comes to getting your Nissan ready to handle the tougher challenges ahead. Fortunately, we here at Coastal Nissan are here to help, so let us take a look at some of the questions which get presented to us the most. When your new or used Nissan from our dealership is in need of proper service and maintenance, our on-location service center is right here at our Norwell, MA Nissan dealership and is conveniently located less than a half hour outside of Quincy.

Frequently Asked Questions about Winterizing Your Nissan!

What Services Might my Nissan Need to Get in Shape for the Winter?

Depending on how old your Nissan is, and its condition, there could be any number of maintenance procedures it requires. The most important, however, is a tire rotation, which might be necessary if your all-season tires run bald currently. Other important procedures your Nissan might need are oil changes, fluid flushing/refills, battery testing, and alignment checks. Fortunately, when you bring your new or used Nissan in for a service appointment, our service center mechanics can check to verify all of these systems are in the right shape for the winter months if you schedule an appointment before the winter hits. Scheduling a service appointment is quick, easy, and can be completed right you're your home computer in Weymouth.

What Can I Do to Ensure the Vehicle is Ready for Winter?

Aa better understanding of what your new or used Nissan model requires for the winter months can often be found underneath the hood, if you are mechanically inclined enough. You want to first check to ensure your engine has no external damage or deformities and then check the fluids on your new or used Nissan, such as its oil, transmission fluid, coolant, and windshield washer fluid. The oil level can be determined by wiping the oil dipstick off with a clean rag or paper towel, putting it back in and retrieving it again to observe the oil readout. All other fluids should be fairly easy to distinguish. Be sure to park your vehicle on a flat surface before checking to obtain the best results and do not hesitate to contact our Norwell, MA Nissan service center from your home in Braintree if you have any questions or find yourself stuck.

Do I Need Snow Tires for My New Nissan?

As most new and pre-owned Nissan models feature all-season tires, the installation of winter tires might not be necessary for your vehicle, unless you live in an area of Plymouth with higher levels of snow or your Nissan model might not be equipped with all-wheel drive. If you decide to utilize winter tires, be sure to contact our tire center to determine what the best fit for your model is as many generic studded winter tires might be hazardous to the roads themselves and might not last as long as a Nissan-compatible tire. All-Season and winter tires can be ordered through our Nissan Tire Center here in Norwell, MA, you will be abler to choose from a list of inexpensive and compatible tires which are an exact fit for your Nissan. Our Norwell, MA Service Center is also here to help when it comes to mounting them.

How Do I Prevent Rusting on My Nissan?

This is another common side-effect of winter driving, especially in cities such as Boston where salt and other corrosive elements are added to the roads in order to melt ice. This corrosion can cause long-term damage in your vehicle's undercarriage, which is why we advise having your vehicle washed regularly during the winter months, which includes thoroughly washing the undercarriage.

How Important is Coolant During Winter?

Like all other fluid levels, coolant is absolutely essential to keep maintained, as is antifreeze if your new or used Nissan requires it. While some think the air does a natural job of keeping the engine cool, a lack of coolant can cause the engine oil and the engine itself to work overtime to keep the temperature of the powertrain stabilized. Lack of coolant can lead to excess draining of oil and overheating of the engine, even on a cold day. When you check your coolant levels, be sure to check in and under the vehicle for signs of leakage and schedule a service appointment so that any leakage in the coolant is promptly addressed.

Is Rust-Proofing Necessary for My Vehicle?

This particular procedure might be required on older pre-owed Nissan models, but most new and used Nissan models sold here at our Norwell Nissan dealership serving Hingham, are made from galvanized steel, thus, corrosion takes much longer to set in. However, washing of the vehicle's undercarriage is necessary during the winter moths to prevent excess buildup of corrosion and the perforation damage it can lead to.

We Are Here When You Need Service!

If you have any questions which are not featured on this list, or you would like some expert input just to be sure, do not hesitate to schedule an appointment and come see us here at Coastal Nissan! Our Norwell, MA Nissan dealership and Nissan service center are conveniently located just 15 minutes outside of South Shore and we look forward to hearing from you!

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