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When you sit down to research new and used cars, you might see a great many terms such as "front-wheel drive," "all-wheel drive" or "rear-wheel drive." If you are a relative newcomer to then auto shopping process, you might be curious as to what these terms mean and how they translate to a reliable new Nissan car or SUV. Simply put, all of these systems comprise a vehicle's "drive line" or "drivetrain," which refers to the axles and wheels where engine power is routed to. In a front-wheel drive system, power is routed to the front axle, this propelling the vehicle forward and backward utilizing those two wheels primarily; the same is true with rear-wheel drive and the back axles. All-Wheel drive refers to a system where engine power is routed to both the front and rear axle, though the distribution of power can widely depend on the vehicle and the all-wheel drive system.

Now, which of these systems are right for you and your next new Nissan car, truck, or SUV here in Norwell, MA? Well, it often all depends on what your needs are and the nature of your commute. But, fear not, because here at Coastal Nissan, we want to help shed some light on this question by showing you the benefits of both all-wheel drive and front-wheel drive systems. These are the two most common drive lines in our new Nissan inventory and there are a great many exceptional benefits to both systems. So, let us take a look at which drive line is right for you, by showing you how our Nissan driving systems compare against the competition. Once you are pleasantly satisfied, choose your next new Nissan models from our new inventory and get started here at Coastal Nissan, located less than a 10-minute drive outside of Braintree in Norwell, MA.

A Front Wheel Drive for Unique Handling

The abilities of the front-wheel drive (FWD) system are best exemplified through a Nissan sedan, as this system is more often found on midsize sedans. We took a look at how our FWD system compares by taking one of our best sedans, the 2019 Nissan Maxima, and comparing it against its top competition from Honda, the 2019 Accord.


Nissan Maxima vs Honda Accord

While the front-wheel drive system on these midsize sedans works about the same way, you might find that the Nissan Maxima offers a more customizable drive for the morning commute to Plymouth. The Nissan Maxima also comes available with Integrated Dynamics-Control Module (IDM), putting control of the drive line in your hands and allowing you to alter the drive line to give you a sportier acceleration while its Active Ride Control (ADR) provides a smoother drive for clearing tight corners or when the roads ahead might get rockier. These systems have their own Honda equivalents for the Honda Accord, but the drive-line control system is only available on their most prestigious Touring trim level. Meanwhile the ARC and IDM systems come standard on many trims of the new Maxima. All-in all, the font-wheel drive on the Nissan Maxima is proven to give this sport sedan more responsive handling when moving between vehicles on the highways or navigating through the Boston city streets.

All-Wheel Drive for a Variety of Surfaces

When it comes to providing excellent off-roading capabilities during the colder seasons in Hingham, or excellent traction on when the roads ahead get dicer, all-wheel drive is often the preferred drive-line. It is for those reasons that it tends to be available on midsize SUVs such as the Nissan Murano and the Nissan Rogue.


Nissan Rogue vs Toyota RAV4

When it comes all-wheel drive systems, the Nissan Rogue provides a more adaptable suspension over this midsize SUV from the Toyota lineup. The Nissan Rogue runs on the available Intelligent All-Wheel Drive (AWD), which intuitively monitors road and driving conditions utilizing specials sensors and alters traction control faster than your eye can blink. Once the snow starts to fall on the highways outside of Weymouth, the Intelligent AWD sends power to the wheels that require the most traction and automatically maximizes the traction capabilities of both the front and rear axle. Whereas the standard AWD of the Toyota RAV4 requires more driver input and requires a drive-dial selection for certain adverse weather conditions. The Toyota RAV4 offers a more intuitive Dynamic Torque Vectoring All-Wheel Drive, but it is only available on their most prestigious trim level, whereas the Intelligent AWD on the Nissan Rogue comes available on all trim levels.


Nissan Murano vs The Jeep Renegade

The key difference in these drive lines comes is in the fact that the Nissan Murano features an al-wheel drive system, while the Jeep Renegade features four-wheel drive, commonly known as "4X4." While both systems work I similar fashions, by routing the power to all four wheels evenly, the Intelligent AWD of the Nissan Murano is considerably more adaptable to changing weather patterns and continuously provides power and traction control to the wheels intuitively. While four-wheel drive can have its benefits when taking on heavier weather conditions, the system of the Jeep Renegade might not be as preferable when the weather in South Shore changes dramatically. Additionally, the trim levels of the jeep Renegade which offer four-wheel drive tend to be more expensive than their two-wheel drive counterparts.

Discover Yours and Test Drive Today!

As you can see, both front-wheel and all-wheel drive come with their own sets of benefits and caveats, so it all depends on the weather conditions you might encounter on the morning commute and what type of car best suite your budgetary needs. However, no matter which you choose, a new Nissan model can provide the best of both worlds and can give you an edge over the other vehicles in your daily drive. Discover one for yourself today in our new Nissan inventory and test drive an all-new Nissan sedan, sports car, or SUV today from Coastal Nissan! We are located here in Norwell, MA and you can contact our sales team online or over the phone if you have any questions. We hope to see you soon!

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