Your vehicle’s automatic transmission converts the power of the engine’s RPMs into the torque the driveshaft needs to rotate the wheels. Through a complex series of gears, called planetary gears, in the transmission housing, the rotational speed is adjusted for the wheels.

In order to operate efficiently, the transmission’s gears need to stay lubricated with transmission fluid. The additives in the fluid break down with time and use and becomes less effective. The filter also becomes clogged with continued use and is unable to block debris that can contaminate and corrode the system. Regular maintenance of your transmission oil and filter, as determined by the manufacturer, eliminates much of the excess wear.

Prior to the transmission’s gears slipping, you may notice other symptoms that indicate service is required. Grinding gears, leaking fluid, or even a burning smell are all signs that attention is needed. Don’t hesitate to stop in to our service department here at Coastal Nissan in Norwell, MA. Our knowledgeable staff is here to answer your questions and determine the best route for your transmission situation.