Things to Keep In Mind About Move Over & Slow Down Laws

Did you know, according to the National Traffic Incident Management Coalition, each year over 200 roadside workers will lose their lives while performing their job duties. Similarly, since 1997 over 150 law enforcement officers have lost their lives by being struck by vehicles during stops, a statistic provided by the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund.

After a revision in 2002, every state has Slow Down & Move Over laws in effect, but a poll done by Mason Dixon Polling & Research shows that 71% of Americans are totally unaware of any of these laws in effect in their states. The Slow Down & Move Over laws, designed to help protect roadside and emergency services workers, state that when a driver encounters these workers in the process of doing their jobs on a roadside, they are to slow down. If possible, drivers are also to move over to an adjacent lane.

All of us here at Coastal Nissan want to help spread the word on Slow Down & Move Over laws. Drive safely in the Norwell, MA area!

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