What is a Car Suspension?

Car suspensions are not commonly thought about by drivers until they notice that the “suspension” aspect of their vehicle is not working. Sudden jolts or the slow increase of the feel of the road through the car frame are sure signs that your suspension is wearing down.

The suspension is that part of your car that “suspends” it above the road, keeps it level through turns, and absorbs small bumps along the way. A proper suspension provides a comfortable ride, free of the fuzzy feeling that pavement can provide.

The suspension presses the wheels to the road giving the tires a grip that ensures traction and assists braking. Parts of your suspension keep your wheels from moving forward or rearward while you drive. The suspension combats roll forces.

To ensure your suspension is up to snuff, bring it to Coastal Nissan in Norwell, MA regularly for a suspension check. Schedule your appointment today!

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