Is the Cabin Air Filter Past Its Replacement Point?

Anything and everything that improves a driving experience makes spending time in a car more enjoyable. Fresh air certainly plays a role in improving the experience. With a reliable cabin air filter in place, the air quality inside a car improves dramatically.

The heating and air conditioning system blow run hot and cold air into the cabin. The cabin filter captures unwanted particles such as dust, pollen, and more from circulating throughout the car's interior. Of course, the filter must be in the proper condition in order to do its job properly. Once the filter ages, filtering duties suffer.

Your driver's manual suggests specific mileage markers for when the cabin air filter should be replaced. Even when the point hasn't been reached, requesting a mechanic check the filter wouldn't hurt.

If the air quality in Norwell has you nervous, bring your car to Coastal Nissan for a cabin air filter checkup. We'll make a change if need be.

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