Pre-Road Trip Checklist

Before you load up your car and drive off for vacation, don't forget that your vehicle needs a little attention too. Always have your car checked out by our service department a few days before any long trip that you may be taking. This will help you prepare better and be aware of any potential unforeseen hazards you could encounter along the way.

An oil change is always a great idea to start with. Fresh oil provides smooth lubrication to ensure your engine is able to function as smooth as possible with no debris floating in and through your cylinders or other engine parts.

Have you tires checked. A simple tire inspection is quick and will allow you to know if your tires need attention. This check normally includes checking for good thread coverage, no bare spots, no wires sticking through, equal air pressure, etc. Another thing to keep in mind is the spare. Don't forget to have it checked as well. This item serves as your back up, so you want it to be in great condition as well.

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